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Jer and I met at the sugarhouse fireworks july '04. Let's just say sparks definitely went off! He proposed to me Aug '05.We got married in September of '06. We have 1 little amazing boy named Cade. He means the world to both of us! I never knew a little one could teach you so much about life!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jeremy, Cade and I went to Lake Powell with his parents July 4th-8th! It was so much fun!

Cade with Grandma Marcia!

Cade loves taking pictures as long as he can pull a funny face! ;)

Cade took this Picture!

Me and Jeremy!
Cade with his best buddy Grandpa Kevin!

These same ducks came by the boat every day for Cade to feed them!

Hang Loose!

I am finally trying to catch up with our Blog! The end of May, Jeremy's parents joined Jeremy, Cade and I on our family vacation. We went to California. It was a week full of fun! We went to Disneyland three days California Disney two days, SeaWorld, Universal Studios and cant leave out the beach! Visiting Cali, the beach is a Must! :)
The night before we left at around 2:30am Jeremy and I found out some wonderful news! I was pregnant! I for some reason I had a feeling I might be preggers! Yes, the Mothers intuition! so I decided to take a pregnancy test! ha ha well I ended up taking four tests and they were all positive! We couldn't believe it. Yes we were trying but we didn't think we would be blessed with a baby so soon! Jer and I decided to tell his parents Kevin and Marcia at dinner our first night in Cali. They would have probably questioned why I wasn't riding all the rides. They were so excited! I'm so glad Jeremy and I were able to share this family trip with his parents! My in-laws are amazing people with the biggest hearts! Cade loves his Grandpa and Grandma and the trip wouldn't have been the same without them!
I took so many picture but I decided not to even post half! Lets just say Cade got his picture with pretty much all the characters at all the parks! And a lot more!
Salt Lake City Airport!
Cade helped Jer and I tell his parents the good baby news by wearing this BIG BROTHER T shirt! It took maybe five min. but Grandpa Kevin caught on quick!

Cade 1st time at Disneyland!

Silly Grandpa ready to take down some Aliens!

Me and Marcia! I am so lucky to have her as my mother in law! She is an amazing women!

The Classic picture!

I love this picture! It makes my heart melt!

My Mad Hatter Hubby!

Love this picture!

We ate at this restaurant in Disneyland twice just for there french fries! they were to die for!

Cades 1st time at SeaWorld!

At SeaWorld we had the most amazing experience interacting with the dolphins! We were all able to touch them and feed them! It was just us five with a cute little girl in our group!

Mommy and Cade!

Cade and Daddy!

Universal Studios!

Cade got his face painted like Spiderman! His favorite!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

...Family Trip to St. George...
Jeremy and I have such crazy schedules and are always so busy, we decided to take a quick family vacation! Luckily Jer and I have a time share so it is easy to make a quick decision a couple weeks before and then take off for a couple days! We went to a nice resort in St. George Jan. 30th -Feb1st!
For some crazy reason I picked St. George thinking it would be hot and sunny outside. (Laying out weather) But I was definitely wrong! It was nice out but still jacket weather. The resort had a nice big pool, luckily it was heated! :) And not to mention a hot tub half the size of the pool! :)
Cade was such a good boy the whole ride there and back! He watched movies the whole time on his new DVD player! He loves that thing! He begs me to let him use it on the way to pre-school in the mornings! ha ha

Our little cutie!

Me and Jer Bear! ;)

When we arrived at the resort the 1st thing Caders said was he wanted to go swimming! So that's just what we did! ;)

He loves to swim! He is our little fishy!

Jer and Cade outside our condo!

This is what happens when I tell the boys to smile! ha ha Yup... That's my stinkers! ;)

Jer took me to "In n out burger" cause I had never been! Honestly I don't know what the big fuss is!?! I likes the burgers but the fries??? kinda tasted like cardboard! A burger joint with bad fries kinda ruins the place in my eyes! ha ha Apollo burger... Now that's a good place! Who knows maybe ill give it another try! ha ha

It's little moments like this that makes me feel like the luckiest mommy ever! Cade will never get too old to snuggle with his mommy! OK well maybe! But not for a while! ;)

Cade and Jeremy all packed and ready to go home! :)

Cade wouldn't smile for a picture so Jeremy got him to laugh instead!
Love his laugh!!!

I told Cade to pose by the palm tree and this is his favorite pose! "Spider man pose"

I took a picture of this house cause Jer and I would get lost on our way back to the resort after going out and this house would help us find our way back! We would just keep driving till we saw it, then we knew we were close! ha ha Check out the bird with the frog in it's mouth! ha ha There was so mush more I just didn't want to post all the pictures! :)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cade's Birthday is January 13the! But I have been so busy with school and work I haven't had time to update our family blog! So now Im finally gonna try to catch up! :)
Cade's birthday party this year was on sat. the 16th so Jer and I felt like we had to get cade a gift to hold him over until his party day! Cade had been wanting this G.I. Joe Laptop for a while so we went ahead and got it for him! He loved it!!!

He was so excited he couldn't wait to open it!

Mommy and Caders!
The morning of Cades Birthday I made him one of his favorite breakfast treats! Cinnamon rolls! Yummy! ;)

Cades birthday party was at Kangaroo Zoo in bountiful! We are so glad we had it there! The kids had an amazing time and the employees were so helpful!
Jeremy sneaking some of the food before the birthday guests got there! :)

I got this cute snack idea from my sister in law Holly! Thanks! :)

Cade and his neighbor friend Ryker!

Landon, Holly, Kadee, Grandpa Kevin, baby Stockton & Grandma Marcia!

Me and my nephew Cole!

Caders trying to get away from him mommy! ha ha

Grandma Marcia and baby Stockton!

Cade opening his birthday gifts!

Cades birthday gift from Jeremy and I!

Cade loved his birthday cake! He is really into skateboarding!

Cade with his cousin Skyler and friend Lorenze!

Cade just relaxing for a bit!

Jeremy being silly punching the snake!

Me kissing the snake better! ha ha :)

Cade had such a good time! He definitely is a ladies man! ha ha ;)